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I am a Michigan-licensed attorney. I am a legal writer. I am a trained journalist.

My name is Traci R. Gentilozzi and I established 360 Legal Solutions
as a way to help busy lawyers with their legal writing needs,
as well as their marketing & promotion. 

I am an award-winning legal writer with more than 25 years'
experience in the industry. My clients include sole practitioners 
and small-firm lawyers across the state. In addition, I am the
Editor of BRIEFS, the monthly publication of the  Ingham County Bar
Association. I also provide  content & marketing services to
 some of Michigan's largest law firms through my contract work
with  Rain BDM, a Bloomfield Hills-based  legal marketing firm.

In the past, I served as Publisher & Editor of Michigan Lawyers
Weekly and  as Communications Counsel for the Sinas Dramis
Law Firm  in Lansing & Grand Rapids.

Through 360 Legal Solutions, I offer the following services
to sole practitioners and small law firms:

-  Writing blog, website & newsletter content.
-  Developing social media/digital marketing strategies.
-  Drafting & distributing press releases.
-  Securing media opportunities for attorneys/firms.
-  Assisting firms/lawyers with media inquiries.
​-  Editing/reviewing articles for online & print publications.

360 Legal Solutions, PLLC

​​"Over the years, your body of work as a whole has contributed to a better understanding of the complex nature of Michigan's sometimes confusing jurisprudence."
~ Michigan Court of Appeals Judge,  referring to Traci's work​​​​ 

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My Professional Background

I have been a licensed Michigan attorney since 1992. I graduated from Western Michigan University Cooley Law School, where I served as an associate editor of the Cooley Law Review. I am also a trained journalist, having graduated cum laude with a journalism degree from West Virginia University.  ​​
I worked at Michigan Lawyers Weekly for 14 years, where I served in various roles, including Publisher & Editor, News Editor and News Reporter. I am extremely proud of my work at Lawyers Weekly. While there, I received the "Excellence in Journalism Award" (1st place) from the Society of Professional Journalists, Detroit Chapter. During my time as Publisher & Editor, the State Bar of Michigan honored Lawyers Weekly with the "Wade H. McCree Award for the Advancement of Justice."
I have also worked as Communications Counsel for the Sinas Dramis Law Firm. That experience gave me a solid understanding of auto no-fault law, general personal injury law, bicycle law and family law. While there, I managed and developed content for the firm's various websites, including the blogs on each site. In addition, I handled the firm's overall marketing strategies, including social media/digital campaigns, media opportunities and lawyer/firm publicity and promotion. I also summarized no-fault appellate opinions for the No-Fault Red Book Online
My legal/journalism background offers me the unique ability to not only know and understand the law, but also
the ability to write in a concise, understandable way. My journalism background in particular has given me an
instinct for knowing how to "package" legal news, so it gets noticed by the media outlets. I also understand how lawyers and law firms should respond to media inquiries – after all, while working at Lawyers Weekly I was the person asking the questions of attorneys. 

I am also experienced in writing website content that is both engaging and helpful to web page visitors. Notably, I have been trained in search 
engine optimization (SEO), a critical part of developing website content.

During the course of my career, I also spent six years as an analyst at the State Court Administrative Office. While there, I was  co-editor of The Pundit (Friend of the Court Bureau newsletter) and managed various SCAO committees. In 2012, the state court administrator asked me to oversee the "Court Administration" edition of the Michigan Bar Journal, and I was graciously listed as co-editor of the issue. In addition, I once maintained a private law practice in Grand Ledge, Michigan, and wrote opinion summaries for the  State  Bar of Michigan' s e-Journal.

How Much Does It Cost?

Legal Writing Services                                                  Social Media Promotion

Website content (includes SEO):  $225 per item                                  $75 per item/promotion
Articles for print & online publications:  $100 per hour
Blog posts & newsletter content:  $195 per item

Proofreading & Editing Services                                 Press Releases 

$100 per hour                                                                                                   $200 per release (includes distribution  
                                                                                                                               & one follow-up with media outlet)

                                            Assisting with Media Inquiries
                                                                                                                      $100 per hour

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